Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beauche Beauty Products

I started using my first BEAUCHE Set when a friend handed me a gift last Christmas 2008. I was hesitant to use it due to my sensitive skin. I actually have no acne, but before-during-after my monthly period, it’s seasonal to have big red pimples coming out. I was previously using those common commercial brands. Not mentioning the names, I almost tried all of them, name it! I also have my facial session every 2 months at my derma which cost me a lot for maintenance.

That was not instant result for me. Due to sensitivity of my skin, I also had that redness of face and stinging sensation.  Patience, patience, patience, that’s very important and luckily, that’s my virtue. I’ve gone through the process of purging and peeling stage at approximately 3 weeks for me. The result was amazing and visibly seen because my skin was tightened and clearer complexion than before.

I used the product for 5 months before I decided selling  to my network, colleagues, relatives and friends. I started selling Beauche Products online since May 2009 after I concluded the efficacy of the product. I tried and used it personally. Therefore I am pretty sure about the safety of my clients, and clients to be.

Being a Beauche Dealer is not about business only. We also think about concern to others. I encourage you to try it yourself. I believe that you may also be happy to be part of Beauche Family!

Joyce ♥
Beauche Authorized Dealer

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Feedback Corner - Beauche Online Shoppe Joyce

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